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Since our inception in 1958, Fenley and Nicol has provided comprehensive environmental services to a variety of industries.

As a result of our unwavering dedication to excellence and unsurpassed customer service, F&N has evolved into the region’s leader in pollution remediation, construction, and environmental consulting.

Licenses Held

  • New York State Precision Test Operations
  • NYC Scale Dealer/ Repairer
  • Nassau
  • Suffolk
  • NYC

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Have your tank removed or converted today!

Want to get rid of your underground fuel oil tank?

Many homeowners are having their underground fuel oil storage tanks removed or abandoned. Underground storage tanks cause significant environmental impacts when they leak and the homeowner is liable.

If you are thinking about switching to an above ground tank or changing to natural gas heat Fenley & Nicol will provide the expertise to get the job done.

Why Change?

Changing your underground tank for an above ground tank will give you more options when choosing a homeowners insurance company and will reduce your premiums. This is because many insurance companies won’t insure your home if you have an underground tank due to the high environmental risk. Those who do insure underground tanks insure them for an increased premium.

Another reason homeowners remove their tank is because they are converting to natural gas. If it’s available in your neighborhood, natural gas is cleaner, more efficient, and cheaper.

Whether you are changing to an above ground tank to reduce your insurance costs or converting your oil burner to a gas furnace, let Fenley & Nicol take care of the tank.

Services offered

  • Tank abandonment
  • Tank removal
  • Tank installation
  • Tank testing
  • Oil-To-Gas conversions

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