Use the Earth's natural thermal energy to reduce your heating and cooling bills

Fenley & Nicol Environmental has been installing geothermal heating and cooling systems since 2005. We provide open and closed-loop systems based on the specific geological conditions of your property. Using the most efficient heat pumps, we will design a system to save you money on your utility bills. We also offer hybrid solar / geothermal systems to bring you the ultimate green energy system and completely wipe out your energy bills.

What is involved in getting a geothermal system?

The first step is to schedule an estimate. We will come to your home or commercial building to size your system and evaluate your building’s construction, thermal efficiency, and HVAC system. Once we have the data we can give you a rough estimate to see if you want to move forward. Geothermal can provide huge savings in your energy bills, but it is not right for every location.

Once we have determined that geothermal is a good fit for you, we will provide a detailed proposal including estimated up front cost, rebates, and payback period. If you decide to proceed we will move on to the design phase and order your equipment. Once the design is complete we will install the heat exchanger (ground loops), the heat pump (HVAC unit), and make any required ductwork installation or modification. You can continue to use your old heating and cooling equipment during the installation process. The last phase is to hook up all the equipment and tweak it for optimal efficiency. Click here to Learn More about Geothermal

Services offered

  • Manual J load analysis
  • Cost / savings analysis
  • System design
  • System installation
  • Startup and troubleshooting
  • System efficiency optimization
  • Service and maintenance

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  • Geothermal Closed loop System