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Let Fenley & Nicol make sure you are never
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Storms can cause havoc on power grid. Ensure your energy security

Over the last few years powerful storms have taken a heavy toll on Long Island’s already strained overhead utility grid. It seems like power outages are becoming more frequent, longer in duration, and affecting more people. If you have experienced a power outage that lasts more than a day, you know how stressful and costly these disruptions can be.

Fenley & Nicol installs automatic standby generators that will restore power to your home or business within seconds. Don’t leave your family or your customers in the dark. Let us give you a free estimate and show you how easy it is to rest easy.

How do the generators work?

When the power goes out for more than a few seconds, the automatic standby generator detects the loss of power and self-starts. You don’t need to fumble around in the dark trying to get it set up like you do with a portable generator. Automatic standby generators are installed outside so they are quieter and you don’t have to worry about exhaust fumes or carbon monoxide buildup in your house.

We carry natural gas, propane, liquid propane, and diesel generators from Kohler, Generac, and Briggs & Stratton. They can be sized to run your entire home and business at full load or just the critical circuits and equipment. A few of the newer generator lines include smart generators. These generators won’t handle the full load to run every light and appliance in the house at once, but they give you the flexibility to use any light, appliance, or equipment in the house up to a certain load. This way you are not limited to running only critical equipment like the refrigerator or hot water heater and you can use a smaller generator than you would need run your whole home.

Services offered

  • Load estimates and sizing
  • Generator installation
  • Tank installation (diesel)

Sizes of Generators