Fueling Facilities

Municipal Fueling Facilities

Since our inception in 1958, Fenley & Nicol has provided comprehensive environmental services to a variety of industries.

As a result of our unwavering dedication to excellence and unsurpassed customer service, F&N has evolved into the region’s leader in pollution remediation, construction, and environmental consulting.

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  • Tanks, lines, and pumps
  • Canopies
  • C-Store
  • Car wash
  • Alternative fueling accomodations
  • Signs and lighting
  • Service bays
  • Lifts and service equipment
  • Alarms, monitoring and inventory control


Let us build your next fueling facility

While most of the attention is focused on alternative fuels, most of the vehicles on the road still run on gasoline and diesel. Fenley & Nicol has been building and upgrading the traditional “gas station” fueling facilities for over 50 years. We will give you a turnkey fueling facility, custom built from the ground up. We have installed thousands of facilities over the years and the demand is still there.

Let us provide you with a cutting-edge facility that will give you the flexibility to change with the industry when you are ready, at your own pace. Our tanks and equipment are rated to handle traditional fuels as well as biofuels and E-85. We design your layout and infrastructure to allow for the future installation of alternative vehicle accommodations such as electric vehicle charging stations.

Why should I build or upgrade a fueling facility when all the gas stations
are going out of business?

We still need traditional gasoline and diesel and they are not going away anytime soon. A lot of gas stations are being abandoned because the market is changing. Traditionally most gas stations have been owned or branded by the major oil companies. Today, those giant companies are getting out of the retail petroleum market to focus on exploration, extraction, refining, and wholesale supply. Some of the stations being sold are being rebranded and upgraded. Some of the stations are being demolished to make way for non-petroleum business like banks, fast food, and convenience stores.

Don’t let the changing industry keep you from building your fueling facility. Just be smart about it. Get a turnkey, design-build solution that lets you seamlessly integrate new technologies as the market adapts.

Municipal Fueling Facilities